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10 years in – our first big anniversary

More than twenty facilities and hundreds of thousands of square meters constructed – this is the result of ten years of activity of the ArtBudService company – a general contractor in the field of industrial and civil construction. For Ukraine, this achievement is quite considerable. Despite the crisis, changing legislation and serious competition, we have come a long way to not only survive, but thrive in our niche in the construction market.

These past 10 years have seen many changes, yet one thing has remained unchanged – our strict adherence to values of honesty and integrity in fulfilling our obligations for our customers and partners.

Our success story is the story of every construction project, every satisfied customer, every small or big professional win.

The geography of our projects extends to cover the entire Ukraine.

During all these years, we have built infrastructure for large industrial and commercial facilities, partook in international social projects, engaged in technical refitting of production sites, kept designing and reconstructing.

Our most important asset – the ArtBudService team.  Right from the get-go, a team of highly professional, enthusiastic experts came together under the slogan of: “Construction is more than just a profession, it’s our calling!”. That is why our every project is a product of our knowledge, experience, skill, and most importantly a piece of our soul.


We build in earnest, without hesitation, take responsibility for the most complex jobs and are proud of each of our projects – be it large-scale construction of production facilities or overhaul of a countryside nursery school.

Every year we acquire new competencies, strive to keep up with the times, staying ahead of current trends and innovations in the construction industry.

Our professional achievements have been recognized in multiple certificates and awards. In 2018 we brought home the “Innovation Project of the Year” award of the Eastern Europe Real Estate Project Awards.

As befits our tenth anniversary, the company has started a new tradition. On May 31, a friendly ArtBudService team of planted 10 six-year-old oaks in Dobropark. The choice of these trees has become quite symbolic for us. After all, oak has always been the epitome of strength, reliability and durability. This is exactly how we feel – strong and reliable! This is how we have established ourselves in the construction market. We believe in the longevity and prosperity of our company going forward, and the first decade of operations is a clear testament to exactly that. It’s time to move on, to keep growing, to multiply our accolades. We are just starting on this great journey, and our story will continue to unfold.