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Conquest of Hoverla

90% of business success is a friendly close-knit team and our team is the best confirmation of that! The other day we passed another test of strength and ability to achieve common goals, going to conquer the highest mountain peak in Ukraine. The team was very happy with the idea to storm Hoverla. Leaving some employees on our active construction sites – work first, we started our trip.

32-people of ArtBudService Hoverla team, led by three co-founders of the company were welcomed by the Carpathians with excellent weather and picturesque landscapes of spruce forests and crystal rivers.

Hoverla pleased us with the grandeur and illusion of its accessibility and ease of ascent.

Naive, we chose the most difficult – “blue” route, not assuming that it will be so difficult.

11.30 am and we started our ascent!

After a hundred meters, we understood that the ascent would not be easy. We walked along steep paths of molfars in a dense coniferous forest, overcame areas of earth and stones, and made our way through juniper thickets. The more difficult the goal, the more valuable the victory – we know this not by hearsay, but did not think that so much!

Mountains are not for singles! This is the best way to test the team for strength and ability to overcome difficulties.

14.50. Hoverla conquered! In addition, at an altitude of 2061 meters “ArtBudService” flag is unfurled! We made it!

Fatigue replaced by uncontrollable emotions and delight from the beautiful landscape, clear air and mountain aromas. A strong feeling of happiness and pride for yourself and your team!