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«Danone» has launched production of baby food line at the Kremenchuk milk plant

On February 18, 2016 a new plant for production of baby food was officially opened at the Kremenchuk milk plant in the presence of the plant management, the Mayor and representatives of the French Embassy in Ukraine.

The construction of a new facility in which production of baby food line has been launched started at the end of 2014. The general contractor of the project became a construction company “Artbudservice”.

Despite the crisis in a country over the last few years a new production department was built in time in accordance with the most stringent European and Ukrainian standards. For example, all glass in the windows of the production departments was strengthened with a special cover that, in the event of glass breakage, the particles would not get into the products.

The baby food production process itself is fully automated.

During the construction of the object the equipment protection measures have also been taken. In addition, a number of measures aimed at achieving efficiency power management were implemented.

The company “Artbudservice” has also completed landscaping of the plant territory.

As a result of construction of the new production facility of baby food line 50 jobs with comfortable working conditions and the possibility of using advanced technology for the realization of the highest quality products have been created at the Kremenchuk milk plant.