«ArtBudService» company is specialized in the professional management of construction projects of various objectives and complexity. As the Prime Contractor, we capable of carrying out a complete cycle of construction and engineering works, as well as develop projects from the ground up and implement them in accordance with the technical requirements of the Сustomer. In general, we: consult, design, build, renovate, develop and manage construction projects. Your project is accompanied by us in all construction phases, providing high-quality construction and engineering services.

«ArtBudService» company creates a platform for the interaction of all process participants in such a way that the work of designers, workforce and suppliers would become more effective.

The scope of activity of «ArtBudService» company includes construction of industrial, logistics, retail and entertainment, residential and other facilities on the territory of Ukraine.

8 years of successful work
More than 20 completed projects
100% responsible for the quality of work

«ArtBudService» company:

  • always have a well thought-out strategy of projects development
  • use only the best world experience and advanced technologies
  • have strong relationships with reliable suppliers of materials and equipment
  • work according to European standards and have team of professionals
  • the experience of cooperation with European and Ukrainian companies

The «ArtBudService» company’s goal is to provide the best business solutions for high-quality life. That is why we constantly monitor market trends, think outside the box and find new opportunities for implementing modern ideas in the field of construction.