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Kindergarten “Sonechko” is open!

In July 10, 2018 solemn ceremony of opening a kindergarten “Sonechko” in the village of Novaya Greblya, Kalinovsky district, Vinnytsia region.

Today, a kindergarten can accept 101 children, major repairs were carried out in accordance with modern building codes, an autonomous boiler house was built and equipped. This social project has become, uniting the interests of two states – Ukraine and the United States. Repair work was carried out with the financial support of the US Government and a separate unit of the US Navy, under the project.


The development of social infrastructure in the villages of Ukraine, today is a priority in the region. It is hoped that soon, thanks to the joint efforts of our team and the authorities, it will be possible to solve the problem of lack of places in kindergartens, to provide each child with the opportunity to attend preschools near the house and communicate with peers.


Нead of the district administration said: “Our kindergarten, which is an ornament of the whole village, all conditions are created for children to receive the necessary preschool education, to develop physically, play, rest and eat and eat well and tasty. The kindergarten is fully equipped with modern appliances and environmentally friendly furniture, landscaping, a lawn is planted on the adjacent territory, playgrounds, pavilions, swings and slides are installed. All the children of the village of Novaya Greblya will be happy to spend time here, play and walk in the open air.”


A solemn opening ceremony was attended by the representative of the US Navy – Jose Hernandez. “It is felt that the general contractor approached creatively and with love. Children here should be cozy and comfortable. We are happy to participate in this project and be useful to children.”

The main characters of the holiday were of course the kids, the present and future pupils of the kindergarten. Specially for this solemn day they prepared several creative numbers. Lifting the mood and causing smiles of the audience, the children read poetry and sang songs. For a long time, bright balloons and a holiday organized by the kindergarten collective will be remembered for children. At the end of the official part of the event, all present went on a tour of the garden.


Team Artbudservice and the head of the project on the overhaul of the kindergarten – Eugene Sulima – are very pleased that this project for many, many years will please and bring smiles to any generation of children.