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Reconstruction of the roof – an option

ArtBudService has extensive experience in the construction of industrial, commercial and administrative facilities, including their reconstruction.

One of the principles of the company’s work is individual approach to each client and the search for an optimal, rational solution in solving specific problems.

In this article we will give an example of such an approach to work. During the reconstruction of one of the facilities in Kyiv region, the question arose in the optimal solution for the arrangement of the roof on the existing reinforced concrete frame. However, replacing existing paving slabs is a rather expensive decision, and leaving them in the condition they are in is quite dangerous, because the thinnest part of the slab (between the ribs) has started to collapse in some places.

Specialists of ArtBudService performed a survey of the floor slabs and decided that the load-bearing capacity of the slabs is sufficient, and then worked out several options for the installation of insulated roof on these slabs.


Фрагмент існуючого каркасу з плитами покриття
A fragment of the existing frame with paving slabs

One of the options is to dismantle (cut between the ribs) parts of the slabs and using the ribs as a lattice, mount the corrugated flooring with subsequent insulation of the roof.

This solution was offered to the customer, to which he asked to implement this solution on a fragment of the roof to “live” to see what it will look like.

First, the thin parts of the plates between the bearing ribs were dismantled.

Фрагмент існуючого каркасу з демонтованими частинами плити між несучими ребрами плит покриття
A fragment of an existing frame with dismantled parts of the plate between the bearing edges of the coating plates

After that, the corrugated flooring was mounted on the load-bearing edges of the slabs. The fastening of the corrugated board was also worked out in detail and the best option for this design solution was selected.

A fragment of the existing frame with mounted corrugated flooring

Then there will be a soft roof with a PVC membrane. The vapor barrier film, a heater and a finishing covering from a PVC membrane is arranged.

Fragment of a roof with a vapor barrier film and a heater on a roofing professional flooring

In the photo you can see what this solution looks like in the process of implementation with mounted corrugated flooring.