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The integrated approach to energy efficiency is one of the basic requirements of modern customers

Today in Ukraine major European companies implement projects in industrial construction and they put a number of internal requirements and standards to the Ukrainian contractors. This was what “ArtBudService” CEO Alexander Radchenko told during a panel discussion within the framework of Ukrainian Energy Forum ’16.

According to him, one of the main requirements of modern customers is a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency, including termosanation, efficient modern engineering systems, alternative energy sources and others. However, this question, according to Alexander Radchenko, should be considered much wider.

“Speaking of energy efficiency in construction technologies, we must understand that there are not just some technical solutions, this is a set of material, energy-efficient, as well as qualified human resources, the minimization of which significantly affects the quality and timing of construction”, – said Alexander Radchenko.

He also added that in the course of implementing construction projects, including in the field of industry, the company “ArtBudService” always takes into account the results of laboratory tests of the quality of building materials, as well as the effectiveness of the implementation of various technological solutions.

“Despite the fact that the results of studies usually show the presence of high-quality materials of both foreign and Ukrainian production, the complex energy efficiency measures in modern construction can not be implemented without scientific and technical support for the construction of the main processing steps and their subsequent optimization. These issues must be addressed comprehensively, taking into account expert opinions”,– Alexander Radchenko summed up his speech.

Reference Information:
The company “ArtBudService” began its work with the participation in the US government’s humanitarian aid program to Ukraine in the field of energy efficiency of public buildings and facilities in 2010. Now the company has considerable experience in the field of reconstruction and construction of industrial technically complex industrial buildings with modern energy saving technologies.
The activities of the company “ArtBudService” are related to the construction projects in cooperation with European and American companies – customers, where energy efficiency is a priority topic.