General contracting

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ArtBudService is a successful general contractor in the field of construction and reconstruction of facilities of any purpose across Ukraine.

General contracting requires provision of a full range of construction works and services for the entire project:

  • advisory assistance when choosing a land plot for construction;
  • obtaining necessary building permits;
  • defining timeframes and budgeting;
  • formation of a project implementation team;
  • control over design and construction;
  • managing workforce;
  • logistics;
  • purchase of materials;
  • design and installation of engineering communications;
  • finishing work;
  • responding to emergencies;
  • putting the facility in operation.

Acting as general contractor, the company is fully accountable to the customer for all phases of construction all the way to achieving operational readiness as confirmed by the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate, as well as for compliance with contractual conditions and requirements.

The ArtBudService’s experience of large construction projects ensures synergy between all departments and subcontractors helping perform complex technical tasks and large volumes of work in the shortest possible time.