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Our philosophy

«Construction is more than just a profession, it is a calling»

Our team of highly skilled and experienced builders brings industry knowledge, years of experience, ingenuity and adaptability. For over a decade, we have remained true to our principles and have taken great care of our reputation. Our goal is a satisfied customer.

We are always ready to build any industrial facility, a logistics center or an agricultural complex, a trade, medical, sports or educational facility, carry out redevelopment, reconstruction, or a refit.

We will become your partner and a true team member you can count on!

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Our principles


Respect for everyone


Results-driven approach


Our team

«For ArtBudService employees and for me personally, construction is not just a profession, it’s a calling.”
Success begins with talented people, and the principal value of the company comes from our employees.
We are professional builders, but we multitask every day. It’s our job to be good communicators and manage time well, take good care of the budget and control the construction process. Every day we all hold each other accountable to ourselves, our Clients and Partners. We know how to set goals and consistently achieve the best results. The key to this is the professionalism and decency of each member of our team!»

Olexandr Radchenko

Bogdan Tretyak
Deputy Director
Yriy Vinyar
Kateryna Sivakova
Strategic Partnership Director
Nataliia Chornyi-Tkach
Tatyana Kovaleva
Igor Lotysh
Chief Engineer

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