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Distribution center (Malekhiv) Nestle Ukraine LLC

The outer walls are made of hinged sandwich panels with a polyisocyanurate filler.

Rolled-strip roof is built using PVC membrane with internal drainage, heat insulated with rigid mineral wool plates.

Exterior doors and gates – metal with heat insulation.

The fire wall between the existing and the new warehouse is made of gas blocks using adhesive solution with metal mesh reinforcement.

The floor is made of monolithic concrete with reinforced top layer, in accordance with the sanitary and hygienic requirements for food storage.

Epoxy-based fillers for mechanized cleaning are installed along the inner perimeter of the walls and around columns.

All elements of a metalwork are factory painted in 2 layers of paint.

The warehouse has a combined (natural and artificial) lighting of roof and LED lights.

Intake and exhaust duct ventilation ensures sanitary and hygienic working conditions are met.

Building area – 5,295.9 m2

Total area is 4,888.1 m2

Construction site is 69676.6 m2